Sony Reveals Next Generation PS5 VR Controllers That Detect Your Fingers

Sony revealed the new controllers for its upcoming next-generation VR headset designed for use with the PS5.

Not only do they come with adaptive triggers and other DualSense features, but the controller design is a major change from the PSVR controllers that Sony launched with the PS4. In fact, they look a lot more like what you see on Oculus Quest 2.

Although the design is not completely the same, they are very, very similar. And this is a good thing. If you’ve ever used the controllers for the PSVR, which were just the PlayStation Move controllers, you know these new ones are probably a lot more comfortable to use.

PS5 VR controllers are much more ergonomic

While the controllers come with updated features and technologies, it’s the design that is the first thing you’ll notice. The PS5 VR controllers are much more ergonomic than the PlayStation Move controllers you have with the PSVR.

With these new controllers you have the main part that you hang onto that looks straight ahead, but if you look at the side view you can actually see that there is a slight curve. Which should fit your hand better.

It also plays well in the placement of the trigger you’ll hit with your ring finger. Sony’s goal with the new controller was to make the game much more immersive. The design helps with this. They now feature an orb shape that Sony says will help you hold the controller more naturally.

You will notice that each controller has two of the action buttons, as well as a joystick and a set of triggers.

The orb-shaped design also allows more freedom of movement at the same time. Probably the most intriguing thing about them is the detection of finger touch.

The controller knows when your fingers touch it

Adaptive triggers are definitely going to be a big boon. Just like the haptic feedback included by Sony. Both of these are great features of the DualSense controller for the PS5.

But what is new is the detection of finger touch. As soon as you place your fingers on the controller, or very soon after, it can detect your touch. The main reason is that the gestures you make with your hands are more natural.

In addition, the controllers will detect finger placement in the areas where the buttons are located without you having to press them. Beyond finger touch detection, the controllers also have tracking so the headset can track where the controllers are at all times.

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