Sony looks to get into mobile gaming with PlayStation

Sony looks to get into mobile gaming with PlayStation

Playstation and mobile gaming are usually not two words you would usually say in the same sentence. But Sony intends to change that.

The company recently posted a new job posting looking for a Head of mobile for PlayStation Studios. While Sony does not present all of his plans for PlayStation in the mobile gaming space, he shares at least a few details.

Including the types of responsibilities required by the role. PlayStation was already present on mobile. With mobile adaptations of games like Counterspy and others that you can no longer install. Right now, most of Sony’s mobile apps under the PlayStation brand consist of a few games and a handful of related apps.

Sony is apparently looking to go way beyond that.

Sony’s PlayStation expansion into mobile gaming focuses on popular franchises

Over time, Sony’s plans for mobile will likely increase to include a lot. But the main goal is to adapt its most popular franchises to the mobile gaming space.

In the list of jobs, Sony says the head of mobile will be responsible for leading all aspects of adapting its console and PC games for mobile devices. This includes “the expansion of game development from consoles and PCs to mobile and live services.” But the main objective is “to adapt the biggest franchises of PlayStation for mobiles”.

Similar to how Nintendo has adapted some of its biggest mobile franchises, Sony seems to want to do the same. An even better example of this is Activision-Blizzard. Who plans to bring all of their popular franchises to mobile in the future.

Hits like Call Of Duty: Mobile prompted Activision-Blizzard to start adapting its other brig franchises for mobile as well. Starting with games like Crash Bandicoot: On The Run !, and the next Diablo: Immortal.

Sony has undoubtedly seen the lucrative nature of introducing large franchises like this to smartphones. And wants to do the same.

Sony doesn’t talk about titles on the way

The company is not currently discussing plans for specific franchises. But it clearly indicates that work Head Of Mobile will adapt its largest franchises to mobile.

The biggest franchises under the PlayStation Studios brand are Uncharted, Gran Turismo, God Of War, The Last Of Us, Ghost Of Tsushima and a few others. Although God Of War and Uncharted are two of the biggest. So it’s possible that in the future, Sony plans to have these game series “ to be played on Android and iOS devices in one form or another.

In fact, there is already an Uncharted mobile game available. Although he probably hasn’t seen the kind of success Sony is hoping to achieve.

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