Sony alienates smaller development teams on big budget games

Sony alienates smaller development teams on big budget games

Big budget games for Playstation has been a huge success for Sony over the years. Made up of blockbuster mega franchises like The Last of Us, Uncharted, God Of War and recently, Ghost Of Tsuhima. All are from Sony-owned game studios that are part of PlayStation Studios.

Sony’s big-budget PlayStation games have been so successful, it seems, that they have led the company to alienate some of the smaller groups from its ranks. A new report from Bloomberg Today details the turmoil and dissension among some of the smaller development teams. This is all due to Sony’s obsession with these larger-than-life titles.

Games like critically acclaimed The Last of Us, a sequel, and now a HBO Max show in development, are reportedly in the process of getting a remake for the PS5. The remake was reportedly initially led by Visual Arts Service Group. One of Sony’s smaller development teams. Work on the remake had apparently already started as well.

But the project was then handed over to Naughty Dog, the studio behind the creation of the franchise. This led to the majority of the original team leaving the company.

Sony’s obsession with big budget PlayStation games drives high revenue

The main problem, according to the report, is turnover. Sony would have been so focused on these big games that small teams go unrecognized.

A sequel to PS4’s post-apocalyptic zombie title Days Gone has been turned down. Days Gone was developed by another of Sony’s in-house studios, Sony Bend, based in Oregon. While Days Gone made a profit and was loved by fans, it didn’t result in the kind of success Sony was probably hoping for.

So Days Gone 2 was never approved. Instead, much of the studio has been split into two projects under Naughty Dog. One of those being a new Uncharted title. However, this team has now been pulled from the project at their own request and are now working on a new franchise.

Small teams want recognition and independence

The most important here is independence and recognition. Small development teams at some internal Sony studios want the ability to create something successful like some of the company’s other big blockbusters.

Although it looks like Sony is focusing more on sustaining the big franchises it already has in place. Sony has reportedly refused to give some of these teams a budget to help their projects succeed. Or let them build new studios under the umbrella of PlayStation.

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