Solitaired is an extensive collection of solitaire that highlights notable historical figures

Solitaired is an extensive collection of solitaire that highlights notable historical figures

Here’s a mind-boggling fact for you: There are about ten times as many Solitaire variations as there are playing cards in a standard deck.

Don’t worry, your calculations are correct. There are really over 500 solitaire games, and you can play each with Solitaired, a new game / teaching platform from “serial entrepreneurs” Darshan Somashekar and Neal Taparia.

Released last October, Solitaired ingeniously uses the wasted space on the back of each playing card to showcase important historical, cultural and political figures.

For example, he recently celebrated 100 years of women’s suffrage by partnering with Encyclopedia Britannica to put 52 leading suffragists in the spotlight. In another initiative, he partnered with MIT’s Lemelson program to spotlight 52 of the world’s greatest inventors.

Other partnerships have seen Solitaired celebrate civil rights leaders, space flight heroes, and other incredible examples of human progress and achievement.

Of course, it’s important to give credit to the graphic designers who created the distinctive designs that adorn the most stylish playing cards in the real world. Famous models like the Parrot card game and Jones playing card games are also available, for the traditionalists among you who just want the cards to look like cards.

Solitaired is a great learning tool, but it’s also simply a great Solitaire game, with an absolutely compendious array of variations to try out like. Spider Solitaire and Free cell. Gone are the days of Microsoft’s paltry selection.

Not only does Solitaired let you explore the worlds of culture and history, it also lets you explore the Solitaire universe in search of that perfect example of card sorting game design.

It also includes stats, leaderboards to climb, records to break, today’s games to face, and more.

You can download Solitaired for free now from the Google play store, the Microsoft Store, and the Amazon Appstore. There is also an iOS version in the works.

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