Social media reacts as South Alabama dismantles Florida 19-1 at Gainesville Regional

Social media reacts as South Alabama dismantles Florida 19-1 at Gainesville Regional

Florida will not be competing in the College World Series this year.

The 38-22 Gators, the No. 15 national seed and host of the Gainesville Regional, lost 5-3 to South Florida on Friday, placing them in the losing group alongside South Alabama (they were the only head national series to lose). Any hope the No.1 unanimous preseason team had of making it through Saturday’s elimination game ended in the sixth and seventh innings: the Jaguars scored 10 and five points, respectively, to take a lead of 19-1.

Only a rain delay stopped the offensive attack, although the United States won by that score.

South Alabama entered the bottom of the sixth with a 4-1 lead. Florida pitcher Franco Aleman managed to get two strikeouts before allowing six straight hits and six runs. As his team lost 10-1, Gators coach Kevin O’Sullivan replaced Aleman with Brandon Sproat, who gave up hits to the first four hitters he faced as the Jaguars’ lead grew to 14-1. Fortunately, a Groundout ended the round.

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Sproat then gave home runs for the first two hitters he faced in the bottom of the seventh. He gave the Jags third hitter a single infield and struck out their fourth at bat before leaving the game. Ryan Cabarcas came in but quickly served another homerun to give South Alabama a 19-1 lead. The delay due to the rain started with a setback in the heat.

In total, Aleman, Sproat and Cabarcas were charged with 17 runs (15 earned) and 16 hits in 3 2/3 innings:

Aleman 2.2 7 9 7 2 3 18
Sproat 0.2 7 7 7 1 1 ten
Tote bags 0.1 2 1 1 0 1 3

It was a bad day to be in the loser category of the NCAA baseball tournament: Norfolk State lost 16-0 to Maryland and Southeast Missouri lost 21-0 to Southern Miss. But those breakouts didn’t quite have the spur of Florida’s loss to South Alabama, given the former’s allegiance to the Southeastern Conference.

Here are some of the reactions as observers watched Gators’ College World Series hopes vanish:

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