Social audio apps reach 20 million downloads so far in 2021, led by Clubhouse

Social audio apps reach 20 million downloads so far in 2021, led by Clubhouse

Social audio app Flag saw a sharp increase in adoption in February, reaching 9.6 million installs globally that month. While Clubhouse’s download speed has slowed since then, the social audio space is heating up with competition from longtime contenders and newcomers. Sensor tower Store intelligence The data reveals that the top three direct-access social audio apps have reached nearly 20 million installs so far this year, led by Clubhouse with around 15.3 million worldwide.

Escape success

Global Clubhouse installations quadrupled month-over-month in February, from 300% from 2.4 million in January to 9.6 million. While downloads of the app fell 72% to 2.7 million in March, that figure was still up 13% from January. The app has now reached around 16.4 million installs to date, the majority of which have taken place this year.

Monthly Clubhouse Global Installations from September 2020.

Clubhouse wasn’t the only social audio app to experience a sudden spike in February, followed by appalling growth in March. Social audio platform Stereo saw its installations climb 172%, from around 551,000 in January to 1.5 million in February. In March, it saw its downloads drop 35% from February to around 980,000 worldwide.

Old-fashioned social audio

While Clubhouse and Stereo both launched in 2020, Spoon started in 2016. To date, it has registered over 26 million installations worldwide; Comparatively, Stereo reached about 3.7 million and Clubhouse about 16.4 million.

Despite its longevity, Spoon did not see a boost in February 2021. On the contrary, it saw an increase in installs in 2020 and had its best month in April of last year with around 974,000 downloads in the world. Last year, the app reached around 10 million installs worldwide, up 13% from nearly 9 million in 2019.

Spoon had its best month of installs in April 2020.

Spoon’s boost in 2020 seems to indicate that it has benefited from users seeking social connections during COVID-19 lockdowns. Its facilities declined in early 2021, potentially due to consumers facing high profile alternatives such as Clubhouse and Stereo.

The Many Voices of Social Audio

Clubhouse’s popularity has been attributed to a myriad of reasons, including screen-weary consumers looking for alternative entertainment, the allure of an exclusive invite-only app, and the spontaneous fluke of celebrities such as Elon Musk. who join informal discussions on the platform. The benefits of social audio support have attracted tech titans like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, who have each announced or rolled out similar features in their own apps.

However, each platform will also have to deal with the challenges inherent in social media, such as monetization and moderation. As more publishers implement social audio in their applications, they will need to find ways to overcome these challenges and fight for consumer attention in a world where in-person spaces are starting to reopen. .

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