Size matters and Corsair will give you 60% of its new keyboard

Size matters and Corsair will give you 60% of its new keyboard

When it comes to keyboards, size matters and Corsair understands this after officially announcing its latest keyboard product, a 60% version of the popular K65 RGB Mini mechanical gaming keyboard.

As with all 60% keyboards, some keys are moved and others removed entirely to save space. The deleted keys are then duplicated on the other keys, so that you don’t really lose any of the keys you had. They just don’t have their own space anymore.

The new Corsair K65 RGB Mini 60% mechanical gaming keyboard might be small, but it packs a lot of features and all the features (or most importantly) of the regular K65. While making more space for other things on your desk. Maybe you just prefer the cleaner look of a smaller keyboard. Whatever the reasoning, Corsair wants to be there to be your solution.

Corsair K65 RGB Mini keyboard 60% is inferior to the competition

Corsair makes great gaming accessories and yet most of the time this doesn’t have too much of an impact on the cost of its products. Concrete example, the new Mini RGB K65.

It’s on sale today and is available on Corsair’s website, priced at just $ 109.99. Compared to the Razer Huntsman Mini, which costs $ 119.99 if you go for the Clicky optical switch model, or $ 129.99 if you go for the linear optical switch model.

This saved money could be invested in another gaming accessory that you may need. Or anything else really. The point is, you don’t spend that much money and still get a good gaming keyboard.

In terms of features, being smaller isn’t the only thing the keyboard has for it.

Personalize, organize, adapt

60% of keyboards are not everyone’s favorite due to the loss of the actual physical keys of some keyboard commands. Like arrow keys, sound keys and more. But how do they compensate for that by organizing all those keys into vast shortcuts.

With the K65 RGB Mini, you will have shortcuts for all or most of these keys on other uppercase keys. It may take some getting used to, but getting to know the keys shouldn’t take too long. The symbols are on the front of the upper case letters of the keys, which means they are facing you and fairly easy to see.

The entire bottom row of the keyboard also uses a standard design. Make it possible to customize your keyboard with personalized keys. This is a wired keyboard, so it should be left plugged in during use. It does, however, USB-C.

If you’re into gaming keyboards and this one just doesn’t do it for you, you might find something you like about it. best gaming keyboards guide.

Corsair K65 RGB Mini 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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