Seagate Now Sells a 2TB Expansion Card For The Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X|S owners can now expand their storage by 2TB thanks to Seagate with its brand-new expansion card accessory. Today Microsoft has revealed that its partnership with Seagate now includes two additional storage expansion accessories for gamers, including a 2TB model and a 512GB model.

When the accessory initially launched last year, Seagate was only selling the 1TB model. But now gamers can choose to go with an even larger storage size model or one with less storage for less cost. Both new sizes of the expansion card are going on sale later this year and will be available in time for the holiday shopping season.

Having said that though, neither of the cards are available as of today. So if you’re looking to get something right away the 1TB model is your only option.

The Seagate 2TB Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S goes on sale in December

Seagate 2TB Xbox Series X Expansion Card

Microsoft says that the new card won’t be available for sale until early December. However, you can pre-order it starting in November. So you’ll have a chance to secure one prior to its official launch date.

The 512GB model meanwhile goes up for pre-order starting today. With its launch sale happening in mid-November. Price-wise, you’re looking at $139.99 for the 512GB expansion card and $399.99 for the 2TB expansion card. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed retailers for the 2TB yet but you can pre-order the 512GB model from Walmart.

These new expansion card options are the latest accessories that are part of the Designed For Xbox Limited Series. Which includes a ton of different accessories for the console including controllers and more.

While the cost of these expansion cards might seem high, compared to the PS5 alternative, you have the opportunity to spend less. Seagate’s 2TB FireCuda 530 with a heatsink for instance is going for $510 over at Best Buy right now. Though you can get less expensive SSDs from other brands.

The downside for some with the storage expansion from Xbox is that you’re limited to just these options from Seagate if you want to use the expansion card slot.

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