Samsung Secure Folder APK Download by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Secure Folder APK Download by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

This update is available for Samsung Mobile with Android 7.0 and above.

Secure Folder leverages the military-grade Samsung Knox security platform to create a private and encrypted space on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Apps and data moved to Secure Folder are sandboxed separately on the device and get an extra layer of security and privacy.

Simpler and more practical
Safely store your private files and applications. It’s easy to move apps and data by tapping “Move to Secure Folder” or importing them via “Add Files” from inside the Secure Folder. Your applications and personal data will be separated and encrypted to be protected against malicious attacks.

Lock your secure folder with an additional PIN, pattern, password or biometric lock, so only you can access your photos, apps and private data.

Manage data efficiently
Add or copy your apps and data to Secure Folder. You can use Secure Folder to store your private contacts, photos, and more in a separate account. This allows you to have two profiles on one device so that you can manage your data more efficiently.

※ Secure Folder will only work on official software released by Samsung Electronics. Features or user experience may vary depending on device, OS version, etc.

※ Secure Folder is a service, based on a Samsung account, which provides an independent and isolated environment within your mobile device. Applications and data moved or added to the secure folder (for example, photos, audio files, video files, and documents) will not be accessible from outside the secure folder, whether over USB or Wi-Fi Direct. If your mobile device detects rooting or custom ROMs, Secure Folder automatically locks itself to prevent unauthorized access, in which case you will no longer be able to access or use Secure Folder content. Therefore, be sure to back up any important applications or data elsewhere, such as on your personal computer, before moving them to Secure Folder. Samsung is not responsible for the loss or inaccessibility of data.

Use the backup and restore path below to store your customers’ data more securely.
Secure Folder> Settings> Backup & Restore> Back Up Secure Folder Data

[Required Permissions]
The following permissions are required for the application service.

– Phone: for the purpose of backing up and restoring content in Secure Folder
– Calendar: for the purpose of providing the “ Share calendar ” function
– Contact: in order to use the registered account to configure Secure Folder
– Storage: for the purpose of backing up and restoring the content in Secure Folder or for the purpose of providing the data backup function when adding or deleting files

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