Samsung S Secure 5.0.05 APK Download By Samsung R&D Institute India Noida

Protect and secure
your apps, folders, content and browsing data using the features below.

1. Lock and hide apps:
Keep selected apps and its data private by locking or hiding them.

Locking and hiding can be done through a pattern, PIN, password or your fingerprints.
The apps will be locked once the screen turns off. Once the apps are unlocked, they will stay unlocked until the screen turns off.
Hiding an app will block notifications from it and hide it on your phone. Only downloaded applications can be hidden.

2. Secure Wi-Fi
Protect your privacy while browsing by hiding domains and apps from the Wi-Fi provider.
Block follow-up requests using the easy privacy list.
Encrypt unsecured web requests Keep your IP address private from most websites and applications.

The default duration for secure Wi-Fi sessions is 6 hours. Opera Max can be used to extend the session duration every 6 hours, up to 48 hours in total.
Enable Secure Wi-Fi to set up a VPN connection and monitor your network traffic.
Some websites and content may not be available when this feature is enabled, depending on the service provider or mobile network conditions.
Some websites may not be able to locate or track your IP address.

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