Samsung One Hand Operation + APK Download by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung One Hand Operation + APK Download by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

With this app, you can easily operate your device with the gesture of your thumb.

When the function is set, a thin gesture handle is added on the left / right side of the screen.
Drag this handle to perform defined functions. The default function is the most frequently used back button.

You can set various functions for diagonal horizontal / diagonal up / down gestures.
Once you get used to using short swipe gestures, you can set more features for long swipe movements.

Depending on the size of your hand, the thickness of your thumb, or the shape of the protective case you are using, different grip settings are provided to optimize gesture recognition.

The handle receives the touch event from the user above the running application. It can interfere with running applications. Therefore, it is recommended to set the handle as thin as possible for gesture recognition.

If the touch interference is severe with a running application such as a game, you can set [App exceptions] in [Advanced Settings], the gesture handles will not work when the app is running.

The features currently available are as follows, and we plan to provide additional feature upgrades.

– “back” key
– House key
– Recent key
– Menu key
– Apps screen
– Previous application
– Forward (web browser)
– Open the notification panel
– Open the quick panel
– Screen off
– Close the application
– flash light
– Split screen view
– Assistance application
– Finder search
– Screenshot
– Show / hide navigation bar
– Floating navigation buttons
– Pull the screen down
– One-handed mode
– Menu of the on / off key
– Home screen shortcuts
– Launch the application
– Task switch
– Virtual touchpad
– Quick tools

Enjoy the convenience of gestures on your phone and tablet with this app.

Thank you.

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