Samsung Internet 14.0 brings a pair of apps, Flex mode and more

Samsung Internet 14.0 brings a pair of apps, Flex mode and more

Samsung Internet is one of the best web browsers for Android smartphones and tablets, if not the best. It is feature rich and relatively fast. Now a new update is here to make the browser even better.

The latest version 14.0 update for Samsung Internet adds a bunch of new features for improved productivity. For starters, it now supports split-screen app pairs. Samsung Internet already allows you to open two tabs side by side in split screen mode. Now, with the latest update, you can save two tabs as app pairs in your dash panel.

To add tabs as app pairs, you just need to press the divider when two Samsung internet tabs are working side by side in split screen mode. There you will see two buttons – one for changing the order of the tabs while the other adds the two tabs as pairs of apps in the edge panel. You can then open these two tabs in split screen mode whenever you want.

Samsung Internet 14.0 brings more new features

Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip owners can now enjoy Flex mode with Samsung Internet. They will no longer need to access the video assistant to activate Flex mode. The function is activated automatically when playing full screen videos on the browser. If you bend the device halfway while playing a video, the controls move to the bottom half of the screen while the video continues to play at the top. Expect more Samsung apps to offer native Flex Mode support in the near future.

For Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 + owners, Samsung Internet can now recognize handwriting in text boxes as well as URL bar. Samsung Internet’s “Enhanced Intelligent Anti-Tracking” feature now automatically clears cookies at scheduled intervals. Samsung is also promising reader mode improvements.

In addition, you can now also apply your device’s system font to web pages. This option is available through the Labs section in Samsung Internet settings. The translation extension also adds support for 18 languages ​​when browsing the web. Finally, Samsung Internet 14.0 brings improvements to privacy and security settings. There is a new security control panel that shows how many pop-ups and cookies have been blocked.

Samsung released Samsung Internet 14.0 in beta early last month. The stable version of the latest version is now deployment widely, making these changes to everyone. You can download the app through the Google play store, or the Galaxy store if you have a Samsung smartphone or tablet.

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