Samsung custom folder grids have arrived in the One UI Home app

Samsung phone owners who like to personalize their experience will be happy to hear that the One UI Home app now allows personalized folder grids. Or at least a close approximation of these, according to reports About that. In summary, the new update allows users to have more apps on a single page in a home screen apps folder.

The new One UI home folder grids are not exactly like those of third-party launchers

Now, this update is effectively made possible by the fact that Samsung has pushed its home screen UI app separately to the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store. This helps the business to make changes to the user interface without the need for a full firmware update. Indeed, making sure it updates itself more like some of the best third-party launcher substitutes. But, of course, there are also downsides here.

Unlike many of these other apps, Samsung’s new One UI Home update won’t allow truly personalized grids in folders. Instead, this update simply adds a second option. Now users can assign their folders to display in a 3 by 4 or 4 by 4 grid template.

The change should make it easier to fit all applications into a single folder page, rather than going through folder pages. Or, at the very least, it will be for users with 16 apps in a folder instead of 12. But that won’t allow the larger folders found in some third-party launchers. At least not yet, although more options are always better.

Here’s how to access the new Samsung custom folder grids

To access the new feature, users will first need to navigate to Google Play or Galaxy Store. Specifically, to update the Samsung A UI Home application. Next, they will need to access the settings and “Home screen settings” options.

There are now two options for screen grids. The first is “Home screen grid” and that’s what branding involves. The new addition is the “app screen grid”. A tap that will present the options currently available.

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