Rumor has it that the “Google Ohana” app will be called “Google Entertainment Space”

Google maybe preparing a new entertainment app called “Google Entertainment Space”. Last month we talked about this same app, but under its code name “Google Ohana“.

Last month, a Chilean source shared information about the app and also provided screenshots. We have never seen this source provide similar information, so we have told you to take it with a grain of salt.

The name “Google Entertainment Space” will be used for this application, it seems

That’s good new information comes from the same source, and again, keep in mind that this is only rumored information. This time around, the source shared much less information. He just wanted us to know that the app will be called “Google Entertainment Space” and not “Google Ohana”.

This app is supposed to become Google’s entertainment hub. It’s supposed to be home for the entire Google app suite. This app is expected to replace Google Discover, according to the source, at least on Android Go devices.

This app is expected to launch this year. We don’t know when exactly, but there you go. Since “ Android Go ” has been mentioned, it’s possible that it will be focused on budget smartphones. It would also explain why the information surfaced in Chile.

Google Play games and books will be included

In the screenshots provided last month, you can clearly see Google Play Games and Google Books included. Google Play Movies will likely be part of this app, but we are not sure which apps.

In these screenshots, the mark “Google Ohana” was visible. Google either changed their mind along the way or used that name just as a codename, despite it being used in the app itself.

We can only guess at this point, we have to wait for more information on the matter. It’s possible, however, that this app is exclusive to budget phones with Android Go. If it aims to replace Google Discover only on such devices, that makes sense.

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