Roku’s original content could lead to fierce competition in the industry

Streaming device maker and content provider Roku is looking to expand its offerings with original content. This is based on a recent report detailing at least one currently posted job posting for the company. Specifically, this is a job posting for a production lawyer.

Now, Roku has yet to provide any information on the roster or potential of the original media. But the list provides a fair amount of detail on what the production agent would do. And that, in turn, seems to indicate Roku’s original content plans. In fact, he explicitly states that the work would be for “Roku’s episodic and original feature films.”

Duties would include work on “options buying, script acquisition and lifetime rights agreements”, among others. But the lawyer is also said to be directly involved in the hiring agreements for writers, actors, directors and producers. Agreements regarding production services, prop rental, look-alike releases and credit notes are also included in the job responsibilities.

What does this and the original content mean for Roku and its customers?

Reports detailing the list of jobs indicate that the most likely location for original Roku content will not be on a paid platform, either. Instead, the company’s original content will most likely appear on its larger existing platform. Namely, the Roku channel. The media giant, in a November report, said the channel’s advertising revenue grossed more than $ 1 billion on a 12-month basis.

Roku Channel is a free advertising funded platform. And that, coupled with Roku’s recent acquisition of which, almost perfectly positions the company to offer new competition in streaming media. Especially taking into account the continued growth of competition between existing services such as Disney + and Netflix. Original media would make the company stand out from even the best platforms in the free space.

And, since the company already manufactures some of the best streaming devices, the benefits don’t end there.

But don’t expect any content soon

Of course, producing original content, whether it’s TV shows or movies, takes time. So don’t expect Roku to reveal new hits or updates related to its app anytime soon. Hiring a production lawyer is probably one of the first steps needed to push the business in this direction. All potential releases are likely to occur within months to years.

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