Ring Neighbors app imposes limits on sequence requests

Ring Neighbors app imposes limits on sequence requests

The Ring Neighbors app is making changes to its public safety guidelines, with agencies like the police and fire department soon being limited to what they can request access to. These are video clips of users taken by the Ring camera owners in the app.

Starting next week, requests for video or information from public safety agencies will be limited to public posts in the main stream of the Ring Neighbors app. Public agencies cannot send private email to Ring device owners for a video clip. This means that the video requests feature in the Neighbors app will no longer be available.

This change will provide more transparency in the hope of making communities safer. In addition, all requests can now be reviewed by anyone using the app on the profile of the public security agency. In addition to this, these agencies cannot delete or delete messages. However, they can mark the request as “resolved”.

There are specific guidelines in place to prevent blanket broad requests. For example, each message should include a valid case number and agency contact information. The delay has a limit of 12 hours and the limits of the geographical area are between 0.025 and 0.05 miles.

Ring Neighbors app will provide more transparency for security and privacy enhancement requests

Prior to the new policy, law enforcement could send direct private emails to Ring camera owners who lived in an active investigation area to request footage.

The owners could then approve or deny the request. The application has a functionality to refuse all requests for sequences. However, the private email request was not publicly available for review and this is changing.

With the new policy, a Neighbors user, a Ring device owner, or both, has full control over their experience. There is no sharing of footage with an agency, unless users actively choose to do so. In addition, posts can be completely removed from the Neighbors feed.

If a user chooses to respond to a support request post, they can click the link in the post to share videos privately and securely, or contact the agency directly with the contact information provided.

The Neighbors app has been quite controversial for some time now. There are reviews that the app helps amplify mundane issues.

There are even allegations that police departments are using video clips from the app to harass minorities. The Neighbors app is a separate app from the main Ring app and is similar in nature to a neighborhood social network like Nextdoor.

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