Redesigned video editor is now rolling out to Google Photos

Redesigned video editor is now rolling out to Google Photos

Are you a passionate mobile videographer and need a good video editor? Good, AndroidPolice says a powerful new Google Photos video editor is being rolled out to users. In recent times, Google has strongly pushed the monetization of its Google Photos service.

The company recently ended the free storage plan for the promotion of multi-level plans which will officially begin in June. The company also hides some editing tools behind a paywall. These are two things the company is currently doing to monetize its Photos service.

However, the new video editor is a free benefit that all users can enjoy now. The video editor was originally teased in February. Fortunately, the new update is now rolling out for everyone to enjoy. However, if you want to take advantage of it, make sure you have the most recent version of the Photos app.

The new editor is indeed a powerful update. The old version only supported stabilization, rotation and cropping. Now the new version adds lots of cropping options, individual image exports, skyline correction and audio removal.

Google Photos Powerful New Video Editor Will Make Editing Videos Easy

For those who want to make sure they have the best color accuracy, there are tools to help you out as well. Support for color corrections covers brightness, contrast, white point, warmth, tint, skin color, vignette, etc.

Users will also have access to the filters that are found in the app’s image editing tool. However, for users looking to make movies with the new editor, there is some bad news. The new editor ends will not allow you to combine clips to create short films.

Google Photos is a powerful tool that users can use. This introduction of a new more powerful video editor will undoubtedly make users happy. It is true that Google is introducing a money-driven approach to Google Photos. But, with the rollout of new features like this, it will be hard for users to get angry.

Google is known for its software and solid functionality. After ending its free storage plan, Google faces new competition in the cloud storage market. Amazon offers a good alternative for those who are already members of Amazon Prime.

Microsoft has its OneDrive service for storing photos, and for iPhone users, they have iCloud. Despite the competition, Google is looking to make Google Photos the premier photo storage service. With features like this new video editor, it looks like they could be successful. Check out some photos from the update below.

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