Reddit Talk is Reddit’s clubhouse competitor in the social audio market

Reddit Talk is Reddit’s clubhouse competitor in the social audio market

The edge reports that a new competitor is in the live audio arena. This time it’s from Reddit and it’s called Reddit Talk. Reddit Talk is a Flag competitor that will allow subreddit mods to create chats.

Reddit revealed its Clubhouse-style live audio feature on Monday, April 19. Monday’s reveal is a “preview preview” as the feature is not yet widely available. Moderators who want to be able to try out the feature must add themselves to a waitlist to access it.

According to Reddit, Reddit Talk will look like both the Clubhouse and Twitter spaces with other social audio competitors. Reddit says discussions will “live” in subreddits. Only subreddit moderators will be able to start a Talk. At least that is the case during the initial tests.

Moderators who host the Talk will be able to invite, deactivate, and remove speakers. Moderators will also only be able to start discussions at the beginning. However, anyone on iOS and Android can listen to one. The Clubhouse app encountered a moderation issue. As a result, Reddit Talk having given moderators access first is an advantage for the new competitor.

Reddit Talk is similar to Clubhouse

However, in the future, moderators will be able to provide access to trusted members of the community. These members will be able to co-facilitate the talks. Reddit says it is “testing ways” for hosts to customize the appearance of chats.

These customizations may affect the appearance of emojis and different background colors and user avatars. With the addition of Reddit Talk, there are now several social audio features in apps. There is Clubhouse, Twitter spaces, Slack, Discord, LinkedIn and Spotify which all implement their own versions.

Mashable initially announced that Reddit is working on this feature. Social audio is starting to gain popularity. This is evident by all of the big players who are bringing the functionality to their respective platforms. Clubhouse kind of started this whole trend, and it quickly caught on.

Spotify is working on their competitor the company announced last month. Users like to have multiple ways to connect with each other. Social audio seems to be an easier way to achieve this goal. Users don’t have to worry about being on video. They don’t have to worry about having the perfect angles, lighting, or other things that the video needs.

Besides, the whole world is probably tired of Zoom. As a result, no one really wants to be on camera anymore.

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