Qualcomm plans to enter the gaming space with its own console

Qualcomm isn’t exactly the brand you think of when it comes to a gaming console. It seems, however, that Qualcomm sees itself as a company more than capable of producing a gaming console and then selling it to consumers.

According to a new report from Android Police, Qualcomm intends to do just that. The company best known for providing many hardware manufacturers in the mobile space with System On Chips, may soon debut in console hardware.

Unlike Qualcomm’s previous hardware efforts, this doesn’t appear to be a benchmark device it can sell to OEMs. Although Qualcomm does not confirm the rumor, a “source familiar with the company’s strategy” suggests that it will be a direct-to-consumer product.

Qualcomm’s game console looks a lot like a Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, there are no shared images yet that showcase the design of this device. However, Android Police notes that they have some non-final console designs.

It is reported to resemble a Nintendo Switch, complete with detachable left and right Joy-Con style controllers and a display in the middle. It is also said to come with a 6000mAh battery. And it will have Qualcomm’s QuickCharge technology inside so that it can recharge as quickly as possible.

For comparison, the actual Nintendo Switch has a 4310mAh battery. So, at the very least, Qualcomm intends to deliver something that lasts longer on a single charge. Still, it can quickly replenish that battery when the need arises.

There’s no mention of the screen size, but it’s unlikely to be any smaller than what the Switch offers.

Qualcomm is not trying to take on Nintendo

Surprisingly, Qualcomm isn’t trying to take on Nintendo. Far from it, it seems. Instead, Qualcomm’s vision for this console is meant to help motivate partners to explore new design choices for future hardware.

The console runs on Android 12

Qualcomm’s vision for gaming success includes the Android 12 operating system. Complete with the ability to link the console to your TV.

The hardware is said to include an SD card reader for additional storage, but no amount of internal storage was mentioned. Qualcomm also wants the Epic Game Store to be present on the console at launch. Who is targeted for the first quarter of 2022.

It takes a little less than a year from now to when Qualcomm wants to bring this thing to market. And that leaves a lot of time for things to deviate from their course.

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