PUBG MOBILE Celebrates Its Third Anniversary With New Content Update

PUBG MOBILE is nearing its 3rd anniversary and is celebrating by adding a new content update for gamers. The new update will bring the game to version 1.3 and introduce a collection of new and exciting features to explore.

The update is available worldwide for players of the game starting today. And it is available on both Android and iOS platforms. No matter what region you live in or what mobile platform you play on, you can revel in the new items and game modes to come.

While this isn’t the biggest content update in the game, it is quite significant and players certainly won’t want to miss the special events that take place as part of it.

PUBG MOBILE celebrates its third anniversary on March 21

PUBG MOBILE is not quite three years old yet, as its 3rd anniversary will be on March 21 according to the studio. But he didn’t want to wait until then for players to have new content to check out. The update is therefore released in advance.

That being said, there will surely be some cool stuff in store for the special day in just a few weeks. So players should keep an eye out for this when the time comes. As for what’s available right now, there’s a new Metro Royale update that adds a new chapter to deepen the story.

The title of the chapter is called Uncover, bringing with it the Metro Exodus monsters and the removal of the Tikhar Rifle in Metro Royale mode. There’s also a CG movie to check out as part of the update and new content drop. Which you can watch below.

This is a CG short film that focuses on growing the gaming community within PUBG during the last years. Definitely worth a visit if you like the game as it is pure fan service.

Take advantage with three new skills

Players are constantly looking for an advantage against their opponents. As they should be. And with Update 1.3, there are three new skills (via the Hundred Rhythms Armband skills) that you can use to your advantage that will give you that advantage. If you use them correctly.

Each skill has its own unique passive perks, such as reduced reload times for you and your teammates, additional Electric Charge damage to certain ammo, and health regeneration after you’re out of combat for a short time.

There are also active benefits that can be used. For example, generate a semi-transparent barrier that allows you to reduce some of the damage dealt by enemies. There is also new equipment. Like a new glider, you can pick up new weapons. With everything wrapped up in an EDM theme. So I hope you like EDM music.

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