Prime Gaming offers two Battlefield games for free

In the middle of all Battlefield News this week, fans of the franchise can get two Battlefield games by subscribing to Prime Gaming. Prime Gaming is part of the package Amazon prime membership. This allows you to access all kinds of benefits by subscribing to a monthly subscription.

This includes discounts on Amazon, free shipping, and access to other Amazon services. Such as Prime Music, Prime Video, and Prime Gaming. On the Prime Gaming side, gamers often receive monthly loots for many of their favorite games, including AAA headlines like DOOM Eternal, Destiny 2, and League of Legends.

Prime Gaming also regularly offers free full game titles to subscribers. And now that includes two Battlefield titles.

Prime Gaming subscribers can get Battlefield 1 for free in July

Currently, there are seven different games that you can snag for free at Prime Gaming. The latest title added is Battlefield 1. This is the full free game. So, once you claim it, you can download the game to your PC and play it. It should also be noted that this is only the PC version of the game.

It does not include codes for Xbox One or PS4 versions. It is also an original code. You will therefore need to install Origin on your PC if it is not already there. As you need to play the game through Origin and have an Origin account to claim the code.

If you want to claim Battlefield 1 for PC, you’ll need to do so before August 4, when the game leaves Prime Gaming’s list of free games.

Battlefield V joins the roster in August

In addition to Battlefield 1, subscribers can also purchase Battlefield V for free starting next month. This is also an Origin code, and it will be available for claim starting August 2.

From there, you’ll have until October 1 to pick it up before the free code is gone. If you claim either of the games before they disappear from Prime Gaming, they are yours. You can play them whenever you want and you don’t have to worry about them leaving your library. You also don’t need to have an asset Primary membership to access it after the fact.

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