Price Tracker is available in Android Chrome, here’s how to access it

Price Tracker is available in Android Chrome, here’s how to access it

Google now has would have officially launched a new price tracker for Chrome on Android. Or, more precisely, the functionality appears for some users but not for others. The implication being that the feature is still being tested, but is rolling out more widely.

To access the feature, users just need to open Chrome and then the tab overview interface. It’s under the square icon with a number inside, indicating the number of tabs currently open by a user. Next, tap the three dot overflow menu to display a down arrow icon titled “Track Prices.”

Clicking on it, of course, displays a toggle to enable or disable price tracking in Chromium. And a link to the notifications setup page for Chrome.

As you might expect, price tracking offers a quick way to keep tabs on product prices. It even has access to notifications in the deeper settings of Chrome. So, if the price tracker needs to alert users to offers on products that interest them, Chrome for Android can send a notification.

This change appears to be coming as part of the update to Chrome 90 for Android.

Here’s how to get price tracking in Google Chrome if it’s not showing to you

Now, this update doesn’t necessarily push price tracking to all Chrome for Android users. As noted above, the deployment here seems to be more measured than basic browser functionality. For those who don’t see it yet, it can be activated manually.

  1. To enable price tracking for Chrome on Android, if it doesn’t show up as shown in the images below, open a new tab
  2. Go to the URL “chrome: // flags”
  3. In the search bar, type “tab grid” and search for the “Tab Grid Layout” option.
  4. From the drop-down menu, usually set to “Default” by default, select “Enable Price Alerts” instead.
  5. A button will appear at the bottom of the page, prompting to restart Chrome. Press this button. In some cases, a manual forced shutdown and restart of Chrome will be required
  6. The feature should now be enabled and active

We still don’t know exactly how this works on Android.

As of this writing, it’s not immediately clear how Google has set up price tracking to work on Android. Typically, on desktop platforms, this is a feature managed by extensions.

The feature’s placement, on the tab’s overview page, seems to suggest that it will track the prices of products that are on web pages the user has already opened. Namely, the products that have tabs open for them. This is as opposed to working like this feature did in Google Shopping. Google will undoubtedly offer a bit more information as the feature becomes more widely available on its world class navigator.

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