Powerful Halide iPhone Camera App Makes Its Way to iPad

Powerful Halide iPhone Camera App Makes Its Way to iPad

And instead of just making the app bigger for a bigger screen, developer Lux has completely redesigned the interface.

Since the iPad is used with two hands, critical controls are on the left and right edges of the screen so you can press your thumbs without losing grip. A honeycomb interface gives you controls right next to the trigger.

The tablet also has a Pro view to compensate for the way the tablet is held when shooting. The functionality is explained in more detail in a blog post:

Pro View is a toggle that lives at the bottom left of the iPad interface, and it narrows your viewfinder to comfortably occupy the limits of your central vision. It’s a bit bigger than what you’ll find on an iPhone, but small enough to compose photos well and leave a lot of extra space. Halide accommodates some fairly advanced professional tools like a real-time color histogram and RGB waveform, manual focus, and shutter and ISO controls – and they can all be active and easily controlled without overlap the image in Pro View. Truly, a view worthy of a pro.

Hallide Mark II can be downloaded now from the Free App Store.

New users will need to subscribe for $ 1.99 per month or $ 11.99 per year. There is also a one-time purchase option for $ 39.99.

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