Popular MMO Runescape Comes To Android This Summer

Popular MMO Runescape Comes To Android This Summer

Runic landscape is one of the oldest and most popular MMO franchises out there, and it’s coming to Android devices this summer. This week, game developer Jagex announced that Runescape is officially coming to mobile devices and includes both Android and iOS platforms.

This is a full game launch, but it’s not the first time on mobile devices per se. Jagex actually released Runescape on mobile devices in beta a few years ago. Where he has stayed so far. But since this is a full launch and the game is coming out of beta, it should be more polished than before.

Players can also pre-register for the game now if they want to take the leap forward. This will earn you in-game rewards, so it might be worth it if you’re planning on playing. When it comes to the rewards, Jagex doesn’t list them all specifically, but does mention categories. Like hairstyles, teleportation devices, swords, pets, and even stylish new armor. Players also end up getting a 50% XP bonus.

Runescape on Android supports cross-progression with PC

Just like with games like Genshin impact, Runescape on Android will support cross progression with the PC version. This way, you can switch to the machine that works best for you at that time.

Sometimes you might want to play in front of your PC for easier controls with a mouse and keyboard. At other times, you may want to play more comfortably from the sofa or in bed. So you can switch to mobile as you wish.

In addition, cross progression is supported from launch. So you can trade from the start if you want. The game also supports cross play, allowing you to play with friends who may be playing on a different platform than yours.

Embark on a great adventure, or not

One of the great things about Runescape is that it lets you play your way. Although this is usually most MMOs. However, there are some who push players to do certain things in a certain order. And while there is still a part of it here, there is a lot of open readiness to undertake on your own and forge your own path.

The world of Runescape is vast. So there is a lot to see and discover. With lots of skills to unlock as you level up your character and make it more powerful. If you would like to pre-register for Runescape, you can do so from the Google Play button below.

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