Plenary is a simplistic RSS / News reader with podcast support

Plenary is a simplistic RSS / News reader with podcast support

If you are looking for a simple and minimalist RSS / news reader, the Plenary may be the app for you. This is a relatively new app, and it brings more competition to the table.

There are tons of RSS / News Readers in the market, but if none of these are simplistic enough for you, this one may be right for you. Using Plenary is free and doesn’t even require a login.

Plenary is a simplistic RSS / news reader app that comes without ads or trackers

The developer is also quite clear that the app doesn’t come with ads and is tracker-free. It says that everything the app does is done on your device, including storing the downloaded data.

You can use this app just like you would any other RSS reader. Just add your sources or load them from file / cloud storage, and you’re good to go. You will have all the features you need to read the news feeds.

The app also offers full offline support. Once they’re synced, you can read everything offline. The plenary can also automatically retrieve the data for you in the background and have everything ready to go when you open the app.

It offers several themes to choose from

There are several themes to choose from and all the basic features are included as well. You can organize your feeds into different categories, mark your favorite articles, mark them as read / unread, and much more.

Plenary can notify you when new entries arrive in your subscription feeds, if you wish. The app also has a ton of news recommendations, so you don’t even have to search for anything on your own.

TTS (Text To Speech) functionality is included. The app doubles as a podcast player. It can stream and download your favorite podcasts, if that’s what you like.

Now there is also a premium subscription here. If you get it, you’ll have access to the pure black theme, automatic data backup to Google Drive and Dropbox, the ability to open links directly in external apps, and more. If you are interested in the Plenary, the download link is included below.

Download the Plenary app (Play Store)

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