PixelJunk Raiders lands exclusively on Stadia on March 1

Stadiums may not have any proprietary titles coming up, but it has PixelJunk Raiders, its next exclusive game. Q-Games’ PixelJunk game series based in Kyoto, Japan has been around for years and is extremely popular.

PixelJunk Raiders, the last title in the series, will be a Stadia exclusive. Although it is likely timed and will eventually arrive on other platforms. It will also be free for Stadia Pro members. But if you don’t subscribe to Pro or plan to upgrade to Basic, you can purchase PixelJunk Raiders as well. When it arrives, it will be available for $ 19.99.

PixelJunk Raiders is coming to Stadia on March 1

In less than a week, you’ll be able to dive into the procedurally generated world of PixelJunk Raiders. This is a rogue type action-adventure game which means you can expect permanent death.

It also means that every time you play will be a new experience. Because you won’t play the same life and you won’t play at the same levels. Not really, as the procedurally generated content mixes things up with a bit of randomness and offers replay value.

Replay value will also be added through character customization. Of which there seem to be many. The announcement states that “hard work pays off” and you will be able to unlock a host of weapons, skins, gadgets and more to customize your character to make it more unique.

Players will have to deal with both hostile invaders (who are likely other players who can invade your world) and a large collection of alien lives that inhabit the planet. Players will therefore need to keep an eye out for impending threats that could be lurking just about anywhere.

PixelJunk Raiders will present State Share

In PixelJunk Raiders, most of the content to read is solo experiences. But the game also offers multiplayer. After games like Crayta and the Hitman Series, PixelJunk Raiders will offer State Share.

Allowing players to share their own unique parts of the game for others to play. It also goes both ways. Because if you can share your own playstate with others, you can play other people’s states to get powerful boosts. There are also hundreds of thousands of unique places to explore and discover. So if exploring is your thing, you’ll get a lot of it with PixelJunk Raiders.

Visually, the game features a cell-shaded graphic style that is beautifully done. Filled with lush colors, beautiful skyboxes and a huge world. If you’re looking to check out the game, you won’t have to wait much longer as it will appear next Monday.

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