Peerbits celebrates Diwali 2020 in a joyful way

All the teams had created attractive rangolis using different colors and designs. The entire office space looked vibrant and colorful. But once we lit the candles and the diyas, the aura of our offices became fascinating.

Prize distribution

After both games ended, everyone was eager to hear the results. All the teams are very excited about the prize distribution. Selecting the best team was a difficult task for the judges as each team performed very well. Still, the judges released the winner’s name after much discussion.

Rahul Patel announced Brighters as the winning team. Everyone on the team was happy and thrilled. Team leader Aaquil Pathan also delivered a thank you speech with warm Diwali greetings to all employees.

The Peerbits family always encourages new talent. That’s why we decided to honor our new joinees with gifts. Our HR manager had started to announce the names of our new teammates for the distribution of gifts. All made a brief presentation of themselves and received their gifts.

There is no good time for snacks when everyone is enjoying the event together. Thus, at the end of this event, the Peerbits family offered a traditional Gujarati meal of Khaman and Chutney to their team. Along with this, the Peerbits family also gave a packet of sweets to their employees as a thank you for their valuable contribution to the company.

The celebration of Diwali had become an unforgettable event for the Peerbits family. The whole evening just got even better with fun contests, creative rangolis, and sumptuous meals. This celebration also brought out the great camaraderie among all members of the Peerbits family. This evening left us with precious memories for our life.


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