Peerbits celebrates 10 years of redefining success

Peerbits celebrates 10 years of redefining success

Large organizations stimulate the entrepreneurial and disruptive spirit that aided them in their formative years. Peerbits has also fostered this entrepreneurial spirit among its members by giving them the opportunity to shine over the past ten years.

We would like to thank our founders, Mr. Shahid Mansuri, Mr. Ubaid Pisuwala and Mr. Nasrullah Patel who gave us the guidance and vision that helped us take several steps in this ten year journey.

The occasion of June 1, 2021 was special because it was the day Peerbits ended his ten glorious years. During those ten years he has reached a new height in terms of team strength, satisfied customers and successful project deliveries. And to rejoice in this precious moment, we decided to have a big tenth anniversary celebration.

Curtain rise

The celebration began with all the members gathered on the floor. Every member of the Peerbits family was full of enthusiasm and energy. Our HR Manager Sujata Sagathia honored the occasion by providing an overview of Peerbits’ wonderful journey over ten years.

Our CEO, Mr. Shahid Mansuri, congratulated all employees for helping to make Peerbits a successful organization over the past ten years. He thanked all the employees for their contribution to the company.

In addition, he shared his own experience of working with Peerbits. Mr Mansuri recounted how Peerbits sailed smoothly through all the ups and downs. He added that they had to step out of their comfort zone and push their limits to face the new challenges.

After the speech was over, it was now time to appreciate the super talented members of the Peerbits family.

Tribute to the star artists

Now was the time to honor the achievements of Peerbits family members who have done their best to make Peerbits a successful business. Our CEO announced that the first prize for the event is for members of the Peerbits family who have been with us for over five years.

Mohammed Adil Lakhani, Mushahid Khatri, Nikunj Gundaniya, Abrez Shaikh, Shahabuddin Vansiwala, Srishti Dey, Mohammad Irfan Modan, Mohammad Moin Shaikh, Arshad Shaikh and Sohel Tambadiya received a prestigious check and award for their outstanding performance.

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