‘Passports’, passes and applications for the Covid-19 vaccine around the world

‘Passports’, passes and applications for the Covid-19 vaccine around the world

Isn’t the European Union also developing a system? Yes. On June 21, the EU is expected to introduce a certificate called a Digital Green Pass, with the aim of allowing people vaccinated against the coronavirus to travel more freely. Under the proposed rules, each nation in the bloc could decide which travel restrictions, such as mandatory quarantine, to waive for Digital Green holders. But many countries, including Denmark, say they can’t afford to wait for the Digital Green Pass and are developing their own versions.

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Could this get you an indoor table? Yes.

How about an entry to a concert or a sports match? That too.

Nothing else? The pass allows you to enter many businesses, including swimming pools, gymnasiums, theaters and wedding halls, as well as cultural activities events, such as concerts, sports games and religious gatherings. Have the pass can also mean that you may not need to quarantine for 10 to 14 days after international travel.

How it works? At the end of February, the Israeli Ministry of Health began offering the Green Pass to fully vaccinated residents and people who have recovered from Covid-19. When booking a table in a restaurant, many companies started asking, “Do you have a Green Pass?” Israelis can print their certificates containing a QR code, download the code to their phone, or flash the app itself.

What is this family? The app and other Green Pass materials feature an animated illustration of a family of three. The man is wearing shorts, a backpack and a camera around his neck, suggesting he is on vacation. His son and his wife are wear masks, but their postures are relaxed when pulling their suitcases.

Aparna Nair, professor of history of science at the University of Oklahoma who maintains a collection of vaccination certificates dating back to the 1820s, said this detail was worth noting: “They use the design of the vaccine passport to making visual connections to life after the pandemic, essentially, the vaccine as a literal passport to the rest of the world.

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