Over 2 million Android users now use Clubhouse

Over 2 million Android users now use Clubhouse

According to the company ad, Clubhouse has reached over 2 million active users on Android.

To examine how amazing it is, note that the official release of Clubhouse Android the app arrived a few weeks ago. Reaching this number of Android users in such a short period of time shows that the Clubhouse has responded very well to the needs of its users.

The company had a town hall in its application yesterday, and they ad future updates are underway to improve the functionality of the app. Of course, the iOS app is still in the lead and the Android app needs a few months to support it. Upcoming updates will focus on discovery and notifications. In addition, other minor improvements are underway.

Clubhouse is removing invitation-only registration

Currently, you need an invitation from a friend to join the Clubhouse. With the growth of users and the expansion of infrastructure, using the invitation-only method is no longer practical. In addition, it hinders the development of applications.

If you don’t have a friend to receive the Clubhouse invitation, don’t worry. Clubhouse registration is open to the public this summer. This means that anyone can easily register in the app without an invitation.

The invitation-only method can be a good strategy to store a department’s interests and instill FOMO (fear of missing out) as a marketing strategy. But that cannot go on forever and the app should welcome all users by openly registering.

The clubhouse’s position as the leading audio chat app is in jeopardy

When you’re a successful, innovative service that can get over 2 million users in just a matter of weeks, you can’t expect Big Tech to forget about you. Currently, many companies are working on their Clubhouse competitors. However, some of them like Telegram and Twitter have successfully launched their own features and are constantly improving them.

Facebook, Microsoft, Spotify and even Reddit are in the process of developing a service similar to Clubhouse. The future of audio chat applications is quite interesting.

Of course, this rapid growth has also created risks for the Clubhouse and its user data. It is in April that some sources reported that hackers have access to the 1.3 million personal data of clubhouse users.

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