OnePlus 9 Pro gets updated gaming mode with advanced haptic features

Over the past few generations, OnePlus has carved out a niche for itself as the ideal device for mobile gaming, and the OnePlus 9 Pro continues on this path with an updated gaming mode packed with new features.

On top of all that, it comes with improvements over existing features. So this should make a better mobile gaming device than the previous models.

Today, OnePlus officially announced the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. Both phones will be set up for gaming, but the OnePlus 9 Pro will obviously be the better device of the two. Thanks to more powerful hardware and better features.

OnePlus 9 Pro gaming mode comes with updated haptics for better immersion

If you want a good gaming experience, you want to be immersed in the game. If you want a good mobile gaming experience, then you want to be immersed in the game.

Increased immersion in games can take many forms. Because there are more than a few factors at play. One of those is good haptic feedback, and the OnePlus 9 Pro comes with updated haptics that will help you feel more of the blasts, more bumps against. walls during an intense race, etc.

Now, OnePlus doesn’t go into detail on what’s been improved with haptics. All it says is that the haptic engine has been updated and it lets you “feel the action when you play”. On a basic level, it just means that you should feel more vibrations from certain elements in games. But it’s definitely a little more than that.

Keep in mind that the game itself needs to support haptics. What is on the developer and not Oneplus. That said, an updated haptic engine won’t mean much if the game doesn’t support it. However, having an updated engine will always be a nice addition as there will be games where it becomes beneficial.

Enjoy richer sound with Dolby Atmos

Along with the updated haptics, you’ll also get better immersive audio. As the phone comes with two upgraded stereo speakers supporting Dolby Atmos for better 3D sound experience.

That, along with the haptics, should make certain games really bring you into the world. Which is absolutely a good thing if you really like this game.

Keep interruptions at bay

While all of these other things are great, one of the main features of the game mode is to block notifications so that you don’t get interrupted while playing the game.

This results in blocking all notifications and incoming calls when gaming mode is on. Essentially, you should expect complete and utter disconnection while you are playing. It should also be noted that the game mode “unleashes the power of the CPU and GPU”. So it’s likely that some gameplay optimizations will be included when you enable this feature.

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