One-Handed MMO Perfect World: Revolution Pre-Registrations Live

One-Handed MMO Perfect World: Revolution Pre-Registrations Live

This innovative control system is definitely one of the coolest things in the game. It plays in portrait orientation on your phone, which means you control everything with one hand. This allows you to focus on exploring and fighting, rather than crafting complex control patterns or locating buttons.

The style of play is a revolution in itself too. It is built around an oriental aesthetic, full of amazing architecture, beautiful designs of Chinese characters and dragons. It’s all part of the game’s desire to be fresh and unique, giving players a glimpse into a distant, mythological era. Additionally, there are seven different classes and three different races to choose from.

Pre-registration will definitely be worth it. Anyone who does so will receive a special in-game outfit only available to early adopters. And the more people who pre-register, the more rewards everyone gets. From additional chests and gems to other unique items, pushing this counter will benefit anyone who signs up.

There’s even an interesting extra twist on pre-registration. Signing up and creating a squad with friends and other players will allow you to get additional codes for more goodies when the game is launched. Another fine example of the high esteem Perfect World: Revolution holds his community.

We imagine you’re very happy to sign up for Perfect World: Revolution – we know we are. How do you do? Well, whether you are intending to play on an iPhone or an Android device, you can register your interest on the game’s official website by right clicking here. And we think that’s something you should be doing now.

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