No hit twice: Sailors and Indians have been embarrassing with the bat this season

No hit twice: Sailors and Indians have been embarrassing with the bat this season

Spencer Turnbull became the fifth MLB pitcher to throw a hitting goal this season in the Tigers’ 5-0 win over the Mariners on Tuesday. He pitched 117 pitches and struck out nine batters while completely controlling the Mariners’ offense.

But that was nothing new for Seattle, who has now joined an infamous club. The Mariners were also left untouched by the Orioles’ John Means on May 5, and under Turnbull’s no-hitter became the fourth team in MLB history to be held without a hit twice in 14 days, by Fox Sports: MLB.

And that was almost three times. Between those outings, the Mariners were held without a hitting for seven innings by Indian pitcher Zach Plesac.

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Speaking of Indians and infamous clubs, they haven’t been hit twice this season either. Carlos Rodon (White Sox) and Wade Miley (Reds) held them unsuccessfully in late April and early May, respectively. This made Cleveland the third club in MLB history not to be hit twice in its first 31 games, for Elias Sports.

This highlights a trend for both Mariners and Indians. Their misdemeanors occur at an embarrassing rate in the quarterback of the MLB season. They are in the bottom 10 in most major statistical categories, and the Mariners have hit particularly badly and are currently sitting below the Mendoza line as a team.

Browsers Stat Indians
3.88 (26th) Lessons per game 4.08 (20th)
6.23 (Latest) Shots per game 6.97 (29th)
.199 (Latest) Batting average .213 (28th)
.280 (Latest) On the base % .285 (29th)
.362 (26th) Slugging% .387 (19th)

Needless to say, these numbers aren’t good and help explain why Cleveland and Seattle have been completely shut down twice this season.

However, despite their poor offensive performances, the Indians and Mariners still set competitive records. The Indians are 22-18 on the year and are only 2.5 games away from first place at AL Central. Meanwhile, the Mariners are 21-22, five games behind the AL West, but still ahead of what many expected to be this year.

Still, unless these teams can reverse their faults, it’s hard to imagine their relative success continuing. The Indians probably have a better chance of turning things around given their strong pitching team led by Shane Bieber, while the Mariners will continue to be a work in progress as they integrate more prospects like Jared Kelenic and Logan Gilbert in their big league roster. .

But if the two offenses continue to brawl, they could each run the risk of becoming the first club in MLB history not to be hit three times in the same season.

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