New YouTubes Media Literacy Ads Will Teach You How To Spot Fake News

New YouTubes Media Literacy Ads Will Teach You How To Spot Fake News

9to5Google reports that YouTube is experimenting with “media literacy” ads before videos. The purpose of these media literacy advertisements will be to provoke critical thinking. They will occasionally play for 15 seconds, which is just enough time to teach you something new.

Youtube has a few different experiences in the works. The company has updated its support page to list some of these experiences. The new YouTube “Media Literacy” ads will only show to users selected to participate.

The experiment is currently in limited circulation in the United States. YouTube will show a short 15-second video offering helpful tips. These tips will teach users how to spot reliable information online. These tips will be displayed instead of the advertisements.

Of course, these advertisements will be deactivatable, just like the other advertisements. For now, the search giant is only sharing one specific video from its media literacy campaign. In this video, users are encouraged to verify the source of information.

That’s good to know for any source claiming to be an “authority on the subject.” For anyone like that, you want to make sure that they really are an authority and not a con artist. The internet has a lot of sketching information, so these ads are good. Anyone could use a little education on how to stay safe.

‘Media Literacy’ YouTube Ads Will Teach Users How To Decipher Trusted Sources From Fake

From now on, media literacy ads will only run in front of a random sample of videos. Google also claims that ads that appear before a video are not judgmental on the channel. The program may expand in the future. But it all depends on how the first experiences go.

YouTube says it’s experimenting with ways to help people rate information online. All with the aim of suggesting that users think more critically about the content they consume. YouTube also hopes that users will provide enough comments on these ads in the future.

The question now is whether YouTube Premium subscribers will see the ads. These announcements can be disabled. As a result, premium subscribers may never see them. However, for everyone, these tips will be seen and should go a long way in keeping people safe on the internet.

It should also be borne in mind that, depending on the course of the test, YouTube may remove them later.

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