New resolution controls for YouTube give more control over quality

New resolution controls for YouTube give more control over quality

According to 9to5Google, new resolution controls for YouTube are coming to mobile devices. This is great news for anyone who wants more control than what is currently offered by the YouTube app. Now, users will be able to control video resolution more than they could before.

With a new server-side update to the YouTube mobile app, users can now choose more than the predetermined incremental options. Before the new update, the automatic option was the only option other than incremental resolutions.

However, users can now use the new controls to prioritize “higher image quality”. It’s pretty straightforward in what it does. You allow the app to use more data to get better quality. If you have unlimited data or usually use Wi-Fi, this might be right for you.

There is also a new “data saver” option. It’s also pretty straightforward in what it does. This reduces the quality when streaming videos, but saves the data. It’s great for anyone who isn’t on an unlimited data plan.

New resolution controls for YouTube give you more control over the quality of your video

As you play, the quality will always adapt to your network or data connections. However, even if you choose “higher picture quality” it looks like the cap is 720p for that. If you choose “data saver”, your quality will peak at 480p. But, the quality can go as low as 144p. It’s extremely low, but at least you’ll save data.

Users will also be able to choose the option they want YouTube to use by default when playing on mobile and Wi-Fi networks. This option can be found in the Settings section of the YouTube app. Users will still be able to choose the desired resolution in the “Advanced” tab. So you will still be able to choose between 144p and 4K UHD while watching a video.

The new settings and options are being rolled out and should be available to everyone in the mobile app. This includes both Android users and iOS users. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you have the latest app update on your phone.

If you are not sure go to your phone’s respective app store to check if there is an update. In addition to these new parameters, creators can now change the name of their channel without modifying their Google account. It’s pretty cool.

YouTube was recently named as the most used social media platform. There isn’t much of a surprise, given that users can get lost watching videos for hours on end.

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