New Outline Style Icons Coming to YouTube Music on Android

New Outline Style Icons Coming to YouTube Music on Android

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. There are new icons in outline style in your YouTube Music app for Android. According to 9to5Google, the new icons appear in Youtube music wider. There was a test of the new icons earlier on the main website. But now it has come to the ap.

The new icons start at the bottom bar with Home, Explore, and Library which receive slight changes to accommodate the new style. At the top, the app bar gets thinner icons for Cast and Search. When you switch to the Library tab, you’ll see updated icons for downloads, playlists, albums, songs, artists, and subscriptions.

It’s not just the icons, but the overflow menus are also being remade. Thanks to the new look, the Now Playing screen has been modernized. Now playing now has a similar / different look and changes to everything that appears when you tap the cover art.

However, the new icons only appear in the YouTube music app from now on. The YouTube TV the app has not yet been updated. But, the apps are all moving towards a more cohesive style. As a result, the new icons are expected to appear on YouTube TV over time.

Outline style icons are coming to YouTube Music on Android

YouTube Music’s new icons make the app lighter, but unfortunately it can feel a bit boring and generic. Despite the thin lines, users won’t get lost in navigating the new user interface. In fact, it may be easier to navigate as visibility is improved with sharper contours that stand out against dark backgrounds.

The new outline style icons are still being rolled out to users. After a server-side update, more users see the update, but not everyone sees it. If you can’t wait for the new icons, you can try to force quit the app and reopen it.

It’s good to see Google making the YouTube family of apps more consistent in design. The consistent design can make it easier for users to navigate the applications through familiarity. Plus, not many people like to see related things that look different.

YouTube music is now Google’s main music streaming service after search giant closes Google Play Music Last year. Not all users were excited about the closure of Play Music. The reason is that Play Music allowed the downloading of personal music up to 50,000 users.

After the shutdown, users had a period of time to be able to migrate their personal collection to YouTube Music, but it was still a slightly tedious process. Check out the new design below.

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