New opportunities for online gaming applications with Android 12

New opportunities for online gaming applications with Android 12

Smartphones have revolutionized online gaming in many unimaginable ways. With each release of a new Android operating system, users are introduced to a world of endless gaming opportunities. Google will make Android 12 available to partner devices later this year.

Essential changes in Android 12 that will spice up your gaming experience

Android remains the world’s most popular smartphone operating system. With a dominant market share of 79.83%, according to the latest research data published on, even the slightest improvement on Android affects millions of people around the world. Development of the new Android 12 operating system is in its third preview phase on Google’s development platform. The operating system will initially be available on flagship Google Pixel products and partner devices. Note that the features of Android 12 will also affect the way you play games in South African online casinos. From game controls, user interface (UI) to user experience (UX), the next few months will be important for Android users who like to play games on the go.

This article explores the confirmed and rumored improvements to the Android 12 operating system, especially how it will create exciting opportunities for gamers. Let’s dive in to explore in more detail.

Fewer interruption app notifications during play time

In previous versions of the Android operating system, app notifications were annoying and disruptive. This has been a major concern in instances where online gaming sessions are momentarily interrupted by notifications. In Android 12, there will be little to no interruptions during game time, thanks to notifications improvements.

Google is working to make notifications less interrupted. It comes down to message enhancements for leading mobile phone services. A preview of the Android 12 developer preview shows that you will have approximately 10 seconds to complete a task in a brief notification window before resuming a gaming session.

Games optimized on larger devices with Android 12

Unlike previous operating systems, the rollout of Android 12 will also cover devices with larger screens. It’s a huge development, especially when online gaming creates millions of jobs around the world. Think of it as being able to play League of Legends on your Android TV or install a gaming app on an Android 12 tablet. Although Google doesn’t expressly state this in the third developer preview of the new system. Android exploitation, sources reveal that Android 12 will also be available on Android TV and Google’s foldable devices. It’s a massive development that will thrill gamers who like to play games on bigger screens.

More privacy and permission settings on gaming apps

Previous Android operating systems made it difficult for gaming apps to deny access to vital smartphone features. However, the Android 12 developer preview shows that the new operating system gives you more control over your privacy, even with gaming apps. The centerpiece of this improvement is the addition of a pill button. on the status panel of the Android smartphone. You tap the pill icon to reveal apps that have access to sensitive features like a microphone, location, and camera.

Additionally, you will be able to see which apps have been granted permission to use your camera, microphone, or both. Something even more interesting is that Android 12 will have a dedicated privacy management page. Since gaming apps have always been the main culprit in smartphone privacy breaches, the new privacy management feature is one of the best additions gamers should expect in Android 12. It also means that the new operating system will make it easier. uninstall these 8 malicious apps from your smartphone or tablet.

A new way to put apps into hibernation during play time

Limited storage has been a major concern for Android users who like budget / entry-level smartphones. However, with Android 12 configured to include a new way to hibernate apps that take up unnecessary storage space, you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience on your budget smartphone even if its storage capacity is low. limited. The catch with the enhanced functionality is that hidden apps will be removed from their temp / cache files and notifications. However, the feature will have little impact on users whose smartphones have large ROMs.

Improved haptic audio effects for immersive games

Haptic and audio effects play an important role in smartphone games. Google is working to make your gaming even more exciting in a new development that will see touch vibrations derive their duration and strength from audio signals in Android 12. With this feature, gaming apps will simulate relevant sounds. For example, instead of getting normal vibration when playing a racing game, you get realistic sound of driving on terrain.

Screen recording, live streaming, do not disturb mode, etc.

Another exciting addition expected in Android 12 is an improved gaming dashboard with additional features. For example, gaming apps in the new operating system will feature quick-access launch buttons that include an option for live streaming. This means that you can stream your gaming session live on YouTube which is a great way to share your gaming time with others.

In addition, there will be a button to record your gaming session, display frames per second, and also take screenshots on a game’s dashboard. The combination of live streaming and the new features of Security mentioned earlier means that Android 12 will create an immersive gaming experience for users. If necessary, install the six best webcams on your device will make your streaming experience with Android 12 even more enjoyable. The only downside to the streaming feature is that it will initially be available on Google Pixel smartphones. A deployment date on other devices remains unknown.

Improved one-handed operation for convenient play

While the one-handed operation wasn’t featured in the first Android 12 developer preview, it does feature prominently on the second and third previews. As big-screen smartphones become popular, newer versions of Android OS put more and more emphasis on the one-handed mode of operation. Android 12 is expected to offer an even more exciting one-handed mode with improved haptics.

The improved one-handed operation will be more convenient for the players. One-handed mode is even more necessary in larger phones, which are becoming revolutionary in the world of smartphones. Because a wider view equates to deeper interactivity with a smartphone’s user interface, Android 12’s one-handed mode will feature easy game controls.

Enhanced controls for the Picture-in-Picture function

Picture-in-picture (PiP) is a cool feature of Android smartphones that allows you to use another app while watching a video. This begs the question, why is PiP important in gaming? Let’s quickly review the live streaming feature on a game’s dashboard. If you can play games on the same screen and interact with viewers on your YouTube channel, it means Picture-in-Picture in Android 12 is a major overhaul of the Android gaming experience. Also, unlike older versions of Android that support PiP, Android 12 will allow you to make your YouTube video window bigger to a desirable size.


Android 12 is about to revolutionize the gaming world. From realistic game sounds, improved haptics to aesthetic tweaks and user interface design, every gamer is looking forward to playing exciting games with the operating system. upgraded. Android enthusiasts can get a glimpse of others cool Android features to look forward to in Android 12 later this year. With the above features and other supposed improvements to the Android 12 operating system, Google Pixel users can immediately install and test the beta.

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