New Google Docs Tool Lets You See History of Changes to Shared Documents

New Google Docs Tool Lets You See History of Changes to Shared Documents

Google Docs makes it easier to see who is editing shared documents. From this week, Google adds a new “Show Editors” option to Docs, which will provide additional information about the change history of a selected part of any document.

To use this feature, you must first select some text and right click to open the context menu. Now select “Show Editors” from the drop-down menu to display richer information on the edit history of the selected text. You will see a list of all editors who have made changes to this text. The new tool will also highlight edits made by editors as well as timestamps. You can also view the revision history.

Google Docs makes it easy to view the change history of shared documents

Google Docs is one of the main tools in the Google Workspace suite and a great collaboration platform. It saves and syncs documents across the web, so anyone with authorized access can easily, quickly, and securely make changes to them when needed, wherever they are. However, if your work team has multiple members, it can be difficult to know who made what changes and when. The “Show Editors” option will now do this job for you. Note that you can only see edits made by an editor, but you cannot undo them.

the Last update for Google Docs is now being rolled out to users around the world. Users of Rapid Release domains can already access the new tool. For users in scheduled launch domains, the rollout will be gradual and may take up to 15 days to reach everyone around the world. Deployment began on May 3. There is no administration control for this tool.

Note that “Show Editors” in Google Docs is only available for Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, and Education Plus customers. Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Enterprise Essentials, Education Fundamentals, Frontline, and Nonprofits, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers, cannot use this new tool in Google Docs.

In related news, the layout or formatting issues that affected multiple Google Docs and Slide users last month have been fixed. The problems were caused by your computer’s ad blocker. Disabling the ad blocker temporarily alleviated the problem for some users. AdBlock has now announced that an update to the filter list fixed the issue.

Google Docs displays history of editors' changes

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