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Instagram to start putting ads on Explore Page – June 26

Instagram is add ad placement to its application on the Explore page.

It will not be displayed directly on the Explorer grid itself (at this time), but once a user taps on an Explorer item and starts scrolling.

So it should look a lot like an Instagram feed ad, and the ads will be photos and videos.

Advertisers will have the option in their Facebook manager to select or not this specific location.

Google Expands Inventory of App Campaigns for Apple iOS – June 26

Google is aiming to get more conversions for advertisers on iOS and will roll out updates in July that should allow for an app campaign placement in Google search results, even on Safari.

Search the Safari ad 1

The Safari browser accounts for around 58% of the market share on iOS, so this should add significant reach.

# 1 Facebook Ad Network for Reward Video Ads – June 27

According to a Monetization benchmark Soomla report, Facebook (via Facebook Audience Network) is the leader in first impressions on award-winning videos.

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This is based on an analysis of over 100 million users and 2.1 billion impressions.

Admob (Google advertising network) leads in terms of global sharing for video and interstitial formats.

That’s it for this month! Did we miss anything important related to mobile video? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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