Netflix and gaming may well be a reality in the future

Netflix and gaming may well be a reality in the future

Netflix is the destination of choice for many when it comes to looking for something to watch, but when it comes to video games and something to play, that’s a whole different story.

This may not be the case forever. New ports indicate that Netflix is ​​looking for someone to take a role within the company to oversee a new division that oversees video games. Which suggests that Netflix is ​​looking to expand its audience and offerings.

The report comes from Information (Going through Reuters). Noting that Netflix has had discussions about offering game bundles. The service already offers a multitude of content for cinema and television. Covering a very wide range of different genres. But gambling is something that has yet to be exploited. Although that may change soon if the reports are correct.

Video games may never be a part of Netflix, but they’re excited about interactive entertainment

The closest to Netflix of video games on its platform is involved in making games for other platforms based on its original ownership. Specifically with Stranger Things, which has its own game.

There is also an interactive show on the service called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which allows the viewer to decide the direction of the show based on their choices. Similar to a choose your own adventure delivered. Netflix also made a statement to Technological radar that he’s excited to “do more with interactive entertainment”.

The spokesperson does not mention anything specific about video games in any way. But he doesn’t deny the initial report either. So, at the very least, it seems there is some truth to the possibility that he wants to develop in the game.

Games will not feature advertising

While Netflix can’t confirm or deny its intention to offer a subscription to the games, here’s what an offer like this might look like.

The report states that a Netflix video game offering would contain no advertising. It would therefore be essentially like what it offers with cinema and television. A monthly subscription that gives users unlimited, unfiltered access to everything it has to offer.

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