Nearby Google Sharing May Benefit From Two Rather Useful Features Soon

Nearby Google Sharing May Benefit From Two Rather Useful Features Soon

Last year, Google introduced Apple’s long-awaited rival AirDrop, called the Close Sharing. In particular, according to XDA’s Mishaal RahmanGoogle may soon add two useful new features to Share Nearby to improve its functionality, both of which are under testing as we speak.

Nearby sharing allows the user to share any file online and offline with other Android devices. Note that the receiving Android device must be nearby to receive the files.

Not only Android devices, but users can also use Nearby Sharing to send files to Chromebooks. However, the Share Nearby app is not as feature rich as what Apple AirDrop offers.

Fortunately, that will change as Google adds support for group transfer to the nearby sharing app. Simply put, it would send files to multiple recipients at one time.

According to XDA, this hidden feature would allow users to choose up to four devices at a time and send files to them. This is quite nifty as it would save time and effort compared to sending each file individually to each different individual.

Google is also working on a nearby sharing feature that allows you to send the entire file.

While the Nearby Sharing group transfer is a very handy feature, it still doesn’t work as expected at this time. Currently, group transfer only works with one device and fails when multiple devices are connected.

Another feature that Google is adding to Share Nearby is the ability to share the entire folder with connected devices. This is a great feature because it also saves you time and effort in selecting multiple files.

Both features are expected to hit the nearby share in the coming days with an update from the Play Store. Moreover, it should also be backward compatible, that is, it will work with older versions as well.

It’s nice to see Google making efforts to make the nearby sharing feature more feature-rich. Because on the one hand, nearby sharing has been touted as a rival to Apple AirDrop.

But on the other hand, it’s still barebones and doesn’t include several features that Apple AirDrop currently has. So Google needs to do a lot of catching up to make nearby sharing a worthy AirDrop rival.

Also, nearby sharing is not enabled by default on all Android devices, just like AirDrop. To use the feature, you need to go to Settings-> Bluetooth connection and device to activate it.

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