Microsoft Office for Android can now capture and transcribe voice recordings

Microsoft Office for Android can now capture and transcribe voice recordings

Microsoft office application for Android benefits from a new “powerful” feature: the ability to transcribe voice recordings. You can now capture and transcribe voice recordings on your Android device directly from the app. This will facilitate the quick conversion of voice memos to text, which could be very useful for students and journalists. The app uses live voice transcription to enable this feature.

You can access this feature from the big “+” button at the bottom of the Home tab of the Microsoft Office app on your Android device. Now select the new “Voice” option from the “Quick Capture” menu and you can start speaking. The app will record your voice and transcribe it automatically. Press “Done” when you are finished.

The recording will be saved as a voice card. It will be available on your Home tab as well as your “Voice captures” list. When you play the recording, the app will offer synchronized text highlighting so that you can easily review the transcript. You can also share the recording, as well as the transcript, with other Microsoft 365 apps and services.

Plus, if you’re a Microsoft 365 subscriber, you also get additional features. The app will automatically recognize different speakers and partition their input when highlighting the transcription.

Microsoft Office Android app now lets you capture and transcribe voice recordings

Microsoft regularly sends updates to its Office mobile apps to add new features and improvements. Last month, the Office app on Android took over dark mode support, much to the delight of many users. Now another handy feature is coming.

This ability to capture and transcribe voice recordings from the Office app was first deployed in the beta channel last month. It’s now deployment widely to users who have the latest version of the app installed on their Android device (Build 16.0.14026.20096 or later). If you don’t see this feature yet, you can check the Google Play Store for an update (link below).

Even if you’ve updated the app, the new feature may not appear immediately as it is being pushed in stages. Note that you must also select “English (United States)” as the language and country / region in the app to get this functionality.

Interestingly, the beta version of this feature also allows users to change the transcript if there is an error. However, this ability is apparently missing from the final version. It’s unclear whether Microsoft is confident that it can accurately transcribe all voice recordings or whether it plans to add editing capability later. We will make sure to keep you updated as soon as we have more information.


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