Microsoft embraces the time, pushes UI update to Bing and OneDrive

Microsoft embraces the time, pushes UI update to Bing and OneDrive

The Android applications offered by Microsoft are among the best on the market. This is true both for its productivity apps like OneDrive and its more personalization and search-oriented apps like Bing. But Bing Search and OneDrive are still improving today, reports indicate, thanks to a new update from Microsoft bringing significant interface changes.

What changes with Microsoft Bing and OneDrive in this update?

Now, the redesign of Bing Search, in particular, is focusing on the visual. The app has a brand new home screen that provides faster and easier access to Bing features. And it also allows better access to specific topics. But the biggest change is the way everything is organized, with Microsoft giving its search app a modern aesthetic that matches that of its major competitors.

Microsoft OneDrive is undergoing a similar transformation to Bing visually with this update, making the already top rated cloud app even better. The interface has cleaner lines and an overall flatter appearance. But its biggest changes are functionality, unlike those of Bing.

For starters, Microsoft OneDrive is now Chromecast compatible. So, users can now transfer their documents and media – such as photos or videos – to a larger screen just by tapping on the Chromecast icon. This icon, of course, is the same one found in other apps and, like in those apps, located at the top of the UI in the title bar.

Another major change is that there is now a Recent view in the Home tab of Microsoft OneDrive for Android. As you might expect, this takes users to the most recent files they’ve used or interacted with.

These are two free apps and the changes have already started to roll out

Microsoft OneDrive and Bing Search are, of course, free to download and use. And they are among the best applications around, in their respective categories. So users who want to check out the changes will want to go to the Google Play Store. Just like longtime users, updates are expected to be widely rolled out at the time of writing.

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