Microsoft Edge Adds Kids Mode to Enable Safer Web Access for Kids

Microsoft Edge Adds Kids Mode to Enable Safer Web Access for Kids

Microsoft has added a new kids mode to its Edge browser. The self-explanatory feature is built right into the browser to enable child-friendly internet browsing, locking out access to approved sites only. The feature is available for free on Windows and macOS versions of the browser.

Kids Mode on Microsoft Edge can be activated through the drop-down menu that appears when you click on your account profile in the upper right corner of the browser’s home tab. Parents can then select the appropriate age range for their child, either 5-8 years or 9-12 years. Both age groups block the majority of web trackers, allowing for maximum child privacy. Kids Mode also enables Bing SafeSearch, which filters adult text, images, and videos from online search results.

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Microsoft Edge restricts browsing 70 popular sites for kids when Kids Mode is on. This list, however, is customizable. So parents can add sites that they think won’t harm their kids (or remove them when they feel the need to).

When kids try to access sites that are not on the list, they come across a block page that asks for permission from an adult, which requires PC login credentials. Of course, exiting Kids Mode also requires adult authentication. Additionally, Kids Mode also prevents popular Windows keyboard shortcuts from working. This further ensures that children cannot go out on their own. The same shortcut restrictions are not available on macOS, The edge reports.

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The 9-12 age group also features an “age-appropriate news feed” on the New Tab page. It is a collection of items specially selected by MSN for Kids. The topics of these articles will focus on animals, science, fun facts, and other kid-friendly news. You can therefore rest assured that your children are not immersing themselves in political or inappropriate press articles.

Microsoft Edge gets kids mode

Microsoft says 58% of American parents with children aged 12 and under are “concerned about the issues their children face when using digital products and services.” The majority of them are also familiar with the parental control solutions currently available. However, only about half use one today. Laborious setup and the need for a paid subscription are some of the common reasons most people don’t use parental control solutions. To this end, the company has designed a free kids’ mode in its Edge browser.

Kids Mode allows parents to hand over their shared PC to their kids without worrying about their online safety. The feature does not require a Microsoft account as it is focused on children’s privacy. However, that also means that it won’t sync your Kids Mode settings, such as approved sites, across all devices. So if you have multiple shared PCs or laptops, you will need to manually configure these lists on each device.

Microsoft says the best way to stop kids from trying to exit Kids Mode is to make them want to stay. As such, the company has also added customization options to Kids Mode. Children can choose from different themes, colors and backgrounds to personalize their browsing experience. Microsoft has worked with Disney and Pixar to create custom themes based on popular animated films such as The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, and many more. The company promises to add more such themes in the coming months.

Microsoft has also designed bright, colorful, and attractive logos and icons. The company believe Kids Mode in Edge Browser is going to be a game changer for parents. It brings content filtering and controls specially designed for children’s online activity, giving parents peace of mind.

“It’s a free and secure online environment for kids 12 and under that gives parents peace of mind when their kids are browsing the web on a shared device,” said Divya Kumar, Microsoft Product Manager. Edge.

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