Mi Control Center: Notifications & Quick Actions 18.0.3.c711 APK Download By ZipoApps

Mi Control Center: Notifications & Quick Actions 18.0.3.c711 APK Download By ZipoApps

Mi Control Center is a unique phone customizer and it will change the way you use your device. Easily customize your MIUI or iOS design phone with a powerful control center!

Separate your quick settings from your notifications. Swipe down from the left of the status bar to read your notifications and right to control your device settings and take meaningful actions. Trigger zones can be customized as you like.

You can change your phone to MIUI and iOS design very easily and in just a few steps and then set everything to your preference.

Two different layouts: Combined notifications and quick toggles, or separate with the Control Center Similar to MIUI 12+.
◎ Color customization: Take the basic layout and color all the elements as you want.
◎ Powerful customization options
– Useful icons with information of your current device
– Choose your own profile picture to display in the shade.
– Choose between a number of tile icon shapes (circle, square, teardrop, gradients and more)
– (Pro) Change the layout of the quick settings grid (i.e. number of columns and rows).
◎ Adjustable background types: Choose a solid color, static blur, or live image. Change the transparency and amount of blur.
◎ Advanced personalized notifications: Get, read, repeat or ignore it.
◎ Advanced music: Dynamic colors based on the artwork of the album currently playing. You can jump to any part of the track directly from the notification progress bar.
◎ Quick response: Reply to your messages as soon as you see them. For all Android devices.
◎ Self-grouped: Tired of that app that sends you spam emails with notifications? Now they are all grouped together for easy control.
◎ Custom background image: Choose your favorite image to display in the shade. Easily customize your phone with a single control center!

Completely change the way you use your Android phone today with Mi Control Center! Personalize your device and enjoy it every second you use it!

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