Material You Rolling Out To Google Meet, Calendar, Drive & More

More Google Workspace suite of productivity tools are picking up the Material You redesign ahead of the stable Android 12 rollout. Gmail received the big design overhaul last week. Google has now confirmed the same Material You redesign for Google Meet, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Material You is the latest evolution of Google’s Android design language. This redesign doesn’t change the overall functionality of any of these apps. It’s essentially an interface overhaul with updated UI elements and icons to match the theme and color scheme of Android 12. Google says Material You brings an “updated, fresh look and feel for your apps,” while also introducing additional personalization options.

Additionally, with Dynamic Coloring, apps can automatically adjust colors to match your custom theme and wallpaper. This allows for a “more dynamic, personalized look”. Dynamic Coloring doesn’t impact pre-existing color schemes though. Meaning color-coded file types and folder colors, as well as in-app warnings, will remain as before.

Material You also helps with accessibility by automatically adjusting “contrast, size, and line width” according to the app context and user preferences.

Google brings the Material You redesign to more first-party apps

The Material You redesign is rolling out to Gmail with version 2021.08.24 and newer. The search bar at the top switches to an oval shape from the existing rectangular one. A pill-shaped oval also highlights the current tab on the navigation bar. The “Compose” button, meanwhile, is now more rectangular than before. Last but not least, Google is now using Google Sans text for “better readability in smaller font sizes.”

You will see similar changes on Google Meet as well, with version 2021.09.19 and newer. The rollout will begin on September 19th.

Google Drive (version 2.21.330 and newer) is also picking up these changes, and so are Google Calendar (version 2021.37 and newer) and Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides (version 1.21.342 and newer). The rollout for Google Calendar will begin on September 20th, while other apps are already starting to receive the Material You redesign.

All Google Pixel devices running Android 12 are will receive the Material You redesign in the coming days and weeks. The updated design will also be available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers and users with personal Google accounts. It could take more than two weeks for the changes to be visible to all. You can expect more Google apps to receive this design overhaul in the coming weeks.

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