Lumy update brings a nice overhaul for Apple TV and more

Lumy update brings a nice overhaul for Apple TV and more

The app, known to be a tool for photographers and others to track the sun, has major new features in the version 4.5 update.

On Apple TV, you can enjoy a new photo frame mode. This allows anyone to mount both sun and moon data as an elegant work of art on their TV screen. You can use the Siri remote to switch between moon or sun information and photo frame styles.

This same moon information is now also available on the iPhone and iPad versions of the app. There are also new lunar widgets to put data on a home screen. The existing sun widget is now customizable so that you can count up to other solar events like sunrise or sunset for a specific location.

Other additions include support for Siri Shortcuts and a redesigned iPad app.

And on the Apple Watch, the app sports a number of new complications that can be combined to create a single watch face with information about the sun or the moon.

Lumy is a universal app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. It is available for download for $ 4.99.

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