Lords Mobile Saint Seiya Collaboration Event Brings Pegasus Seiya to Blockbuster Real-Time Combat RPG

Lords Mobile Saint Seiya Collaboration Event Brings Pegasus Seiya to Blockbuster Real-Time Combat RPG

In case you’ve never met him, Saint Seiya follows the exploits of five teenagers whose zodiac-themed protective gear allows them to regularly engage in bloody battles with the forces of evil.

Originally created by Masami Kurumada, the Saint Seiya series dates back 30 years and has been made into an animated series, movies, books and more.

And now he’s showing up in Lords Mobile. IGG’s popular real-time combat RPG didn’t last as long as Saint Seiya (it first released in 2016), but the game had a comparable impact, drawing over a hundred million downloads to Android only. It is also available on iOS and PC.

In terms of gameplay, it allows you to build an army of elves, dwarves, robots, mermaids and other fantastic characters and face other players in highly tactical battles in which you have to consider formations. , alliances, etc.

There is also a huge city building component in the game. Between battles, you will spend your time researching new technology, upgrading your buildings, recruiting and training new troops, and more.

The main attraction of the Saint Seiya collaboration is almost certainly the new playable Pegasus Seiya Hero. It’s a pleasure to see this long established character in action on the battlefield.

But there’s so much more, including NPCs Shiryu, Hyoga, Ikki, and Athena, a castle skin, Saint insignia, meteor boots, and an exclusive shield.

The crossover event is slated to last until May 1, and as long as it lasts, you’ll be able to add custom decorations, earn special Pegasus Seiya medals, complete custom challenges, and more.

There is also a login bonus. The first time you play the game after the event starts, you’ll get ten Pegasus Seiya Medals just for being there.

You can find out more on the official event page here. Download Lords Mobile for free now from the App store, Google play store, and Steam.

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