Lords Mobile revenue doubled to $ 90 million in January following the introduction of Kingdom Labors

Lords Mobile revenue doubled to $ 90 million in January following the introduction of Kingdom Labors

The Battle Pass monetization and engagement system was popularized by Fortnite of Epic games, which generated $ 1.2 billion in App Store spend before leaving the platform in August 2020. Since then, other titles have used this feature, including the highly successful implementation of PUBG Mobile of Tencent, which propelled this title, as well as its Chinese localization, Game For Peace, to over $ 5 billion in revenue in just three years.

While not all Season Pass implementations are successful, there are a few notable examples. Player spending in Lords Mobile of IGG, released in 2016, doubled month-over-month to $ 90.3 million in January 2021 following the introduction of the game’s new Season Pass, dubbed Kingdom Labors, Sensor Tower Store intelligence the data shows. To participate, players can purchase a monthly Gold Pass or use the default Silver Pass, and in exchange for completing weekly tasks, they can get prizes.

Gaming revenue averaged $ 42.5 million per month from October to December 2020, while gamer spending from January to March averaged $ 83 million, up $ 95 million. 3%, while players continue to sign up with the new Gold Pass. Not only has revenue grown since the introduction of Kingdom Labors, it has remained consistently higher than every month before 2021. Lifetime player spending in Lords Mobile topped $ 2 billion, propelled past that. major step by adopting a Battle Pass.

Lords Mobile Global Player Spending Per Month

Farm Pass Frenzy

Another recent example of a title successfully implementing a Season Pass is Hay day of Supercell and its new Farm Pass. Following its introduction in December 2020, player spending on the title increased 62% M / M to around $ 14 million. From September to November 2020, Hay Day’s revenue averaged $ 9.7 million per month, while from December to February 2021, average monthly player spend increased 46.4% to $ 14. $ 2 million. Hay Day’s revenue remains high, generating $ 15.6 million in March 2021, the game’s highest-grossing month since July 2017. The title was first released in 2012.

Hay Day Global Player Spending Per Month

Canton experiences

In November 2019, Canton of Playrix introduced Professor’s Experiments – its own version of the Season Pass – with player spend increasing by over 22% M / M to $ 29.8 million, which was its best month of revenue at the time. However, this level of spending was not maintained over the following months, but almost every new season has resulted in an increase in income. Season 2 in March 2020 saw revenue increase 12.8% M / M to $ 25.5 million, while Season 3 in May of last year saw player spending increase by approximately 33 % M / M at $ 33.4 million.

Global Township player spending per month

Seasonal success

Another example of a successful system implementation is Clash of clans of Supercell, which saw player spending jump 58% M / M in April 2019 to $ 66.8 million after launching its Seasonal Challenges and Gold Pass. The introduction of the pass ended what had been an annual drop in revenue for the title, ending 2019 with a 25% increase in year-over-year revenue to $ 731 million. While player spending declined in 2020, it remains above 2018 levels.

As these games show, when properly implemented, a Season Pass can result in a steady increase in monthly player spending, or at least a noticeable increase in revenue upon the release of each new season, without negatively impacting the players. typical monetization levels before their introduction.

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