Logan Paul responds to Floyd Mayweather plot: “Stop trying to discredit” the fight

Logan Paul responds to Floyd Mayweather plot: “Stop trying to discredit” the fight

Store the hats in foil.

On Sunday, Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather fought until the end of eight rounds in an exhibition bout that pitted a YouTube star against excellent boxing in a true “What the hell is going on?” moment in 2021.

Without any judges, the fight went off without a winner, although Mayweather “won” the match easily, landing more and cleaner shots throughout. A Mayweather’s backlash in particular appeared to have hampered Paul, but a clinch from Paul (with apparent help from Mayweather) kept him on his feet.

AFTER: A lot of people weren’t happy with the Paul vs. Mayweather fight

The stunned Paul’s video made it seem like Mayweather might have gotten the better of his biggest fighter in the ring, “accidentally” knocking him out but holding him to help the fight go the distance and give people their money’s worth.

Paul took to Instagram to voice his grievances over the plot and congratulate himself:

“I see this story going around that there is a part to the fight when Floyd hit me and I lean over him a bit and it looks like I got limp,” Paul said (via Yahoo Sports). “And people try to spin him around and say he knocked me out and caught me up and kept me awake to keep the fight going until the eighth round, stop trying to discredit what’s going on. ‘happened last night.…

“Make no mistake, he got a lot of good punches. There are a few pics, I didn’t know my face could take this shape. But never shaken, never passed out, never visibly knocked out. didn’t make me stand up. He tried to get me out and he couldn’t. It was great. “

Novelty show fights are a boxing staple, so Paul and his brother Jake’s latest in-ring forays aren’t entirely new. Both Paul brothers are infamous internet stars, so consider the fact that Logan Paul made eight rounds with one of the greatest fighters of all time, no small feat.

Whatever the outcome, an old boxing adage remains true. People pay for fights to see one of two things: fighters offer greatness, or fighters are eliminated. Fortunately for Paul, he has not yet been the recipient of this second part.

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